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Today's media environment has made it nearly impossible to have authentic conversations with one another with dignity and respect. As human beings who thrive on connection and understanding, trying to get your point across 280 characters at a time isn't just frustrating--its often counterproductive.

Through this website and blog, I want to connect with you in a deeper and more meaningful way. I'm excited to share my writing and media appearances with you on a range of important topics, but more importantly, I want to amplify all the great work I see you doing on a daily basis--and, just as importantly, I want to hear your thoughts.

One topic that will feature heavily on this blog is mental health—particularly mental health in the workplace. I am passionate about advancing ideas to help organizations accommodate the mental health of employees in the workplace and am currently working on a podcast that will delve deeper into these issues, so stay tuned!

Watch this space for everything from reflections on world events to my favorite places, things, authors, activists and more. And I'm equally excited to hear what you are reading, watching and listening to, and what (and who!) is inspiring you.

With love,


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